Cola Corner Resource Links

Cola Corner Resource Links

Cola Corner is committed to bringing the best in collectibles to out customers. We are happy to exchange links with other RELEVANT sites. If you have a collectibles, coca cola or other related web site and would like to exchange links with Cola Corner, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Your site MUST be RELEVANT to our visitors. Every link exchange request is reviewed. If your site has multiple pop-ups (or pop-unders), is full of affiliate links, or is not relevant to our visitors we will not link to it.

Step 2: Place a link to our site on your site. Below are 2 options of links to choose from. If you need to modify them in order to fit into your site's design, you may, but if the anchor text is altered, we may not link to your site. Our link should be placed on a page with relevant content and it must be on a page with no more than 40 links (as will yours).
    Option 1:
    This will read:
    Collectible bottles from Cola Corner
    Cola Corner offers over 900 licensed Coca-Cola collectibles.

    Option 2:
    This will read:
    Coca-Cola Collectibles from Cola Corner
    Coca-Cola collectible merchandise such as Coca-Cola art, Coca-Cola tins and more.

Step 3: Once our link is live on your site, send us an email to with your link text. We are very serious about providing our visitors with the best resources online and will carefully consider every link request.

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